Who are we?

Is a question asked by many a UK citizen following the the UK’s referendum and the majority vote to leave Europe.

The truth is, at the time of writing this eight months after the vote, there are still so many unanswered questions facing UK and EU nationals both now and when we do eventually exit Europe.

But who are we? brexitimmigrationlaw.uk was set up by immigration and human rights solicitor Danielle Cohen to try to offer clarity. Clarity on what?

Defining what immigration and residency issues could and will arise as a result of the UK leaving the EU is part of this site’s mandate, as is offering advice through articles, case studies and discussion.

brexitimmigrationlaw.uk aims to offer perspective in these muddy waters. With Danielle’s experience in her field of law she is in prime position to discuss precedent – what has come before and how we can learn from it; the law as it stands and how that can (and should) guide us. To read more about Danielle’s experience in human rights and immigration law click here.

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